As many patients are aware, changes within the healthcare system have placed enormous pressures on primary care physicians, impacting patient care. In our current system, physicians are often seeing 20-30 or more patients per day, with patient panels per physician of over 2000. Additionally, there are burdensome and time consuming paperwork requirements from insurance companies. Patients rarely see their primary care doctor when they are hospitalized, and home visits are almost obsolete. In this environment, it has become increasingly difficult to provide optimal care.

Dr. Reitman has made the decision to restore the direct relationship between the patient and the physician. In lieu of insurance re-imbursements, we charge an annual professional fee. This practice model has been referred to as “concierge” or “retainer-based” medicine. There is little involvement of third party insurances; we are working directly for you, the patient. Dr. Reitman’s patient panel is limited to 300-400 patients, which allows her to spend more time with patients in the office, make house calls when appropriate, and coordinate care in the hospital.